The Kennedys

Year: 2021 & 2022
Client: W+K Internal

The design of The Kennedys was influenced by the cut and paste, handwritten, raw style of founder David Kennedy. Kennedy was always messing around in WK’s studio, using his hands, cutting things, putting typography together. We created this identity as an ode to him and the way he loved to work. Grain, crop marks, handwritten scribbles, and halftone effects work together to create branding that feels authentic and illuminates the process behind design.

The Kennedys is a program Wieden+Kennedy hosts every year, encouraging creative people of all sorts of interests an backgrounds to be incubating in a 6-month period of collaborative creative work. The name originated from founder David Kennedy, one of the most down-to-earth, no-bullshit, design-oriented advertising executives in the industry. David Kennedy frequented W+K’s studio department, using his hands in whatever way he could. His legend lives on, inspiring the advertising industry to remember to get excited about the work and make cool stuff.

Current Kennedys site HERE.